The CHAP study is a longitudinal study of 10,802 African Americans (64%) and European Americans (36%) from the south side of Chicago performed from 1993 to 2012. The primary objective of CHAP was to study the epidemiology of common chronic health conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and associated disorders. The CHAP study generated longitudinal data on original cohort (N=6,641) and successive cohorts that were added to replenish the aging population. The CHAP interviews were performed every three year at participants’ home by trained study personnel. The CHAP population interviews collected neuropsychological tests on episodic memory, executive functioning, and the MMSE. A detailed clinical evaluation was performed on a stratified random sample.

The CHAP study serves as a rich data source with self-reported interview data on several demographic, health, and neuropsychological tests, clinical diagnosis of AD and MCI, serum markers, and genotyped data.